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Web locations with information for violin makers & players:  Lissa Schneckenburger, a fantastic new fiddler on the East Coast scene.  Check out her web site for information on upcoming concerts and her CDs.  She's great!    Steve Beckley, master bowmaker.  Fine bows and bow supplies for people who work on bows.

The Catgut Acoustical Society Homepage gives information about CAS including indexes to their journals.

Henry Strobel  information on violin making,  varnishing of a cello, instrument setup and instrument care.

Violin Making by Hans Johannsson is an overview of how violins and bows are made.

Peter Paul Prier and Sons Violins  lectures by Peter Paul Prier and tables of instrument measurements.

The Way Famous Instruments Went has an extensive directory of famous instruments by Strad, Guarnerius del Gesu and others and where they are presently located.

Violink - The World of Violins has links to most WWW sites pertaining to instruments of the violin family.

PhotoStory: How to Make a Violin  pictures showing the making of a violin by The Violinmaking School Stradivari of Cremona.

The Music Trader  Sources of materials. Articles by Lars Kirmser,  on Fitting the Bridge and  Building a Violin.

Joseph Curtin Studios interesting information on violin building.

David Gusset - Violin Maker  information of general interest on violin making.

The University of New South Wales has  information on Musical Acoustics in its Web page.

The Wake Publishing Company  information on books and video tapes by SCAVM founder Harry S. Wake.

The Violin Society of America  professional organization of violin makers with very informative journal.

Gamut Strings article on the history and manufacture of gut strings.

The Violin Makers Association of Arizona International has some violin making articles and membership information..

The Duhks, In the two years that they've been a unit, many have tried to describe The Duhks' music-- "contemporary acoustic," "progressive soul-grass," and “kick-ass rock/folk fusion” being just a few of the attempts to classify the group.